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Our Business: Our Services
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Design & Engineering

LNG Marine will develop the functional specifications and basic engineering & design for the LNG Bunker Vessels, LNG FSRU and other LNG Vessels, based on our team's years of experience in LNG ship management, ship building and operation & maintenance. The LNG Vessels various operational scenarios will be considered, in the design, based on best practices, to achieve flexible operations from the different LNG handling operations. LNG Marine will ensure detail equipment and features are included in the early design phase of the project. LNG Marine will also work closely with the detail engineering contractors and the shipbuilding yards to ensure the entire LNG ship design are followed through until shipbuilding completion.

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Build & Own

LNG Marine will jointly build and own the LNG Bunker Vessels, LNG FSRU and other LNG vessels. LNG Marine will also help clients and partners to seek suitable finance from green financing facilities for LNG Bunker Vessels. LNG Marine aims to have global strategic partnerships in the ownerships of the LNG Bunker Vessels and other LNG vessels, considering the geographical location, capex, size, client's requirement and operating life of the vessels.

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Operations & Maintenance

LNG Marine offers the highest standards in the operations & maintenance of LNG Bunker Vessels, LNG FSRU and other LNG Vessels. We will provide the optimum crew with the highest skill and competency level to meet safe, reliable and efficient operations. The experienced crew will work under our established LNG ship management systems to ensure the highest of uptime, cost efficiency and ship reliability is maintained throughout the entire life of the LNG ship. Our maintenance program ensures long term life cycle cost is optimized from the LNG ship design phase throughout the entire life of the LNG Vessel.

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Shipbuilding & Conversion Management

LNG Marine will represent and provide the clients and partners the services to ensure the new LNG Bunker Vessels, LNG FSRU and other LNG Vessels are engineered, constructed, commissioned and delivered to the highest quality standards, meeting LNG Marine specifications and design requirements.
LNG Marine will provide an established selection and evaluation process of the shipbuilding yards to always ensure the highest value in technical and commercial terms are continuously achieved.
Our professional team of Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Master Mariners and Shipbuilding Supervisors will form the Project Management Team for the clients and partners.

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Advisory & Consultancy

LNG Marine offers special advisory and consultancy services in LNG shipping and LNG handling for various clients from trading vessel owners, charterers, LNG buyers/sellers, port & terminal operators, shipbuilders, government regulators, power plant operators and various other parties engage in LNG vessels or LNG handling at marine/offshore facilities.
We aim to promote the use of LNG as the fuel of choice for all ships, by providing the ship owners the advisory and consultancy services in LNG fueled vessels.

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Chartering Services

LNG Marine continuously seek the best LNG vessels and marine assets available in the market to meet any specific LNG project or LNG trading requirement. Candidate vessels for LNG Marine conversion projects like LNG FSRU will be evaluated and selected through our established process. We offer chartering options and services for LNG Bunkering and other LNG vessels to meet the specific needs of clients and charterers.

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